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Rewards Program

Get a Rewards card at your next session! 

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Rewards Program Terms & Conditions


  • You earn 1 punch after someone your referred completes their session.

  • Punches are rewarded per person referred. Mini-Sessions and Full-Sessions count for 1 punch only, regardless of how long the session lasts or the session type.

  • Wedding referrals will count as 2 punches. You will be given credit at the time the wedding client pays their booking deposit.

  • Your referral MUST tell me that you referred them BEFORE their session starts.

  • You will receive a punch on your card when you are here next.

  • Referrals are tracked on my computer, in addition to what you have on your punch card.

  • New clients are asked how they heard about Dream Capture Photography when they arrive for their first session.

  • There are no limits to how many punches you can earn for referrals.

  • You may share my Facebook page, website link, Instagram, etc. to get more referrals. You may also recommend me on Facebook groups/yardsale pages if someone is asking for recommendations. Remember that the person MUST mention your name as the person that referred them. If the referred person attends a session & does not mention your name specifically, I can not award you credit. Other people may also recommend me on posts like these, so I can only award credit to the one the new client mentions.

  • If you referred someone between January 1, 2019 to currently, please contact me. You may be qualified to earn a punch on past referrals from this time frame.



Book & Attend A Session:

  • 1 punch will be given for each session that is booked, paid for, and attended.

  • Mini Sessions and Full-Sessions each qualify for 1 punch. Full sessions do already receive a discount on the rate, when 

  • Weddings will qualify for 2 punches. Awarded once the wedding day photography is paid for.

  • Punch is awarded to only 1 person from each session. Generally, this would be the person that booked & paid for the session.

  • Punches will not be rewarded for sessions that you have made any deposits towards, but have been canceled.

  • Punches will not be rewarded on any discounted sessions, model seeking sessions, or sessions done for free.

  • Punches for sessions you did before the Rewards Card started will be given if your session was held on or after January 1, 2019. You will be rewarded with those punches on your card when you are at your next session.


  • Once you have 10 punches on your card, you may redeem it for a free Mini-Session, or half off any Full-Session.

  • You can choose ANY session currently offered on my website. This includes family sessions, holiday promotions, newborns, boudoir, and cake smash minis. The only thing not included in this offer is weddings.

  • The same terms & conditions apply for your redeemed session as outlined in my contract for that session type, and as advertised for the session you are booking for.

  • Punches and/or Rewards Cards are non-transferable to anyone else.

  • There is no cash value for punches and/or Rewards Cards, and they may not be exchanged for any other services, or for photograph prints.

  • This promotion does not have an expiration date, but may be canceled at any time, for any reason.

  • Punches are also tracked on my computer in addition to your card. This benefits you if your card is lost, stolen, or damaged. You will be able to get a new card at your next session. This also helps protect against fraud, or anyone cheating the system. I hope that none of these things happen, but tracking does not seem like a bad idea.

Last revised: 9/17/2019

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