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Brylynn & Clyde

My daughter, Brylynn and her "newborn" baby, Clyde. Dad brought home an early birthday present for her, and a fun surprise for her return from summer break in Utah. My husband named the kitten Clyde before we even knew if it was a girl or boy. He had a cat named Clyde when he was a kid that he loved. That must be a good sign that he likes this kitten. "Clyde" has been a very active little girl! She is non-stop! Our dog and her became best buds almost instantly, and I think the kitten wants to be a dog. I've been waiting to post these pictures for a week now. I was hoping to get some more of the kitten in possibly some cute sleeping poses before posting the others. I attempted some "newborn" style photos, but NOPE! This kitten is a ball of energy!

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